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Due to the complex nature of immigration compliance, many individuals lack the knowledge to perform the required tasks correctly. The lack of experience with the Turkish legislation and applicable systems can lead to difficulties during document preparation and the application period, under Turkish law this can lead the possibility of costly delays, penalties, and even deportation.

What is a Professional Employer Organisation

workinturkey offers its clients a uniquely designed approach
to meet the needs on immigration compliance

The government strictly regulates who is granted entry as well as permit extensions and outlines specific conditions for this to take place. Processes such as providing and preparing the correct documentation during the immigration phase are crucial. Outside of the standard procedures enforced by the government, there are unique sets of criteria that are apply dependent on the applicants nationality and their purpose of applying for.

WorkinTurkey offers its clients a unique approach to meeting their immigration compliance needs that is unlike that of our competitors. In addition to having a strong and up to date knowledge base of legislation and considerations that must be taken into account, we have our own team of lawyers in Ankara who have a vast amount of experience in immigration law and have mastered the processes that are required. This combination of expert consultants and lawyers guarantees compliance and mitigates the risks of any issues arising.

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