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Having to establish one's self in a new country is never an easy process, but we hope to change that.Everything ranging from social interaction, cultural differences, to considerations such as where to live andhow to be compliant with laws must be taken into account.

What is a Professional Employer Organisation

our aim to make the foreigners’ relocation to Turkey
as seamless and enjoyable as possible

Taking these facts of issues with creating a new home in a completely stranger city with a different language, culture and practices of its own, our organization offers cross cultural training to allow expats to be ability to understand local customs and traditions, interpersonal communication, and need-to-know legislation from a Turkish perspective. Improve your ability to form lasting work and personal relationships by gaining insight into Turkish culture, not only will it set you apart from other expats, it will allow you to better appreciate the things you here and see in our diverse and unique country.

We also offer consulting service in the area of accommodation such as personal living arrangements in addition to finding office and other work related spaces for a multitude of clients and industry types. Our aim is to make our clients transition to life in Turkey as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

The period during which your employee and their family are becoming accustomed to their new surroundings is a critical phase which should be marked with positivity. By turning the relocation settling-in period into a positive experience, the success rate of you relocation efforts can increase dramatically.

As part of our relocation services, we place a great deal of importance on the settling-in period. The first months of any foreign assignment can be a daunting period for your employee. We work hard to reduce the complexity and uncertainty involved with being in a foreign country. Thus your employee is able to focus on their role knowing that their affairs are in order and that their family is comfortable in their new environment.

Below are some of the different areas in which we provide support to employees who are in the settling-period and beyond.


City tours

Guided by a fluent English speaker with a wealth of local knowledge.

Informational packages

Specially prepared to provide useful tips and "need to know" items for settling into the host country.

Real Estate advice

Providing a guide to the various areas of the city in terms of living standards and pricing; sharing suitable online real estate listings; advising on real estate agents.


Providing information related to schools, kindergartens, and other educational institutions.


Providing information related to medical, dental providers, and an overview of the local health care system. Veterinary assistance is also available upon request.

Intercultural training and orientation

Aimed at creating a knowledge base and level of awareness to aid daily interactions and improve business relationships in the host country. This involves learning about local communication, traditions, sensitivities, etc.

Insurance advisory and facilitation

Assistance with finding and obtaining coverage for automotive, property, health, life, etc.

Social life

Providing information regarding local shopping for consumer goods, specialty foods, as well as dining. Networking events and social groups.

Translation services


Assistance with selecting cleaning services

Laundry, home care, house keepers, landscaping, etc.

Assistance with setting up utilities

Including but not limited to gas, water, electricity, internet, phone, etc.

The primary benefits besides the significant simplificationof the settling-in period are:

  • The ability to tailor theservice based on the specific needs of the employee

  • Reduction of anxiety anduncertainty for the employee and their family

  • The ability to easily combinethe service with other services such as finding a place of residence

  • Cost effective and removes therisk of the unknown by leveraging our deep local experience

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Welcome to Turkey!

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