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Work in Turkey

WORKINTURKEY is a part of a group of companies known as CottGroup® which provides a range of services such including HR, consulting, accounting and training to a wide variety of prominent organizations in a framework that provides measurable and seamless service. Furthermore, WORKINTURKEY provides residential and work permit services in unique way unlike that of agencies in that we have our own specialized lawyers who follow the process completely and unwaveringly. Our lawyers who are specialized in permit procedures are able to guarantee that the application and follow-ups are done correctly and without issue. Problematic applications and incorrect filings can lead to issues such as running out of time permitted by a visa or even deportation. Requests to amend incorrect applications lead to a loss of time and can lead to difficulties in applying for new visas.

It is often very difficult and at times impossible for people who have a lack of expertise to fix problems that they themselves have caused. To guarantee that issues are never faced, our specialized lawyers and customer service representatives at WORKINTURKEY perform a detailed evaluation prior to the submission of any applications in order to ensure a flawless experience to our customers.

Cott Group

CittGroup Holistic Business Services


CottGroup® is a solution center that consists of human resources, accounting, technology, training and software companies which provide several services that clients need within a single service definition and a single invoice within this combination. Foreign investors can operate their whole processes with a single contact while shaping their investment decisions in Turkey.

CottGroup® provides incomparable services in both reporting the results and obtaining the ministration of Services in the whole processes such as office needs, car rental, telephone Services, expense tracking of the employees, etc…

 CottGroup® has become prominent in diagnosing the problems and offering solutions with the help of its cutting edge technology. Our qualified staff are focused on developing local solutions with their global expertise while exhibiting a high level of accountability on behalf of our clients.

BPO bpo Payroll Services in TurkeyServices


BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing which is the implementation of the administrative Works done by outsources. For instance, payroll administration, consultancy for foreign investors, expatriate and visa requirements, customer relations management, human resources, providing legal database, bookkeeping, etc. are some of the examples of an endless list. BPO Service that Boss provides, is mainly the service which the clients can delegate their certain business functions to a more expertized organization with the help of the combination of knowledge, experience and technology of Boss which meets their needs.


Please call us for your entity creation needs in İstanbul and other cities in Turkey.

Payroll Services bordro outsourcing


The payroll management services that Boss provides gives customers a satisfactory freedom enabling them delegate all the payroll management functions. The payroll management service of Boss, outsources the payroll services that companies need with the help of the combination of knowledge and experience of CottGroup® companies and takes over the legal responsibilities. Boss also provides a self-service hr service with the help of payroll software programs it developped and annual leave tracking systems.The need for payroll outsourcing shows itself espicially in companies that wants to focus on their core business rather than wasting time with legal formalities and administrative works..



Official Name of Country Republic of Turkey
Capital City Ankara
Government Parliamentary Democracy
Population 75 million(2011)
Labor Force(Population) 26,7 million(2011)
Median Age 29,7 (2011)
Official Language Turkish
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım
Area 783.562,38 km²
Coordinates 39° 55' North, 32° 50' East
Time Zone GMT +2
Neighboring Countries Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia
Major Cities(Population) Istanbul (13,3 milyon), Ankara (4,8 milyon), Izmir (3,9 milyon), Bursa (2,6 milyon), Adana (2,1 milyon)
Climate Temperate; hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters
Telephone Code +90
Country Code Top-Level Domain .tr
Electricity Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Currency Turkish Lira(TL)
Financial Center Istanbul
GDP USD 772 billion (2011-Current Prices)
GDP Per Capita USD 10,444 (2011)
Exports Value USD 135 billion (2011)
Imports Value USD 241 billion (2011)
Tourism Revenue USD 23 billion (2011)
Tourist Number 31.5 million (2011)
Foreign Direct Investment USD 15.9 billion (2011)
Number of Companies with Foreign Capital 29,283 (2011)
Inflation Rate 10.4% (CPI-2011)
Major Exports Markets Germany (% 10,3); Iraq (% 6,2); UK (% 6,0); Italy (% 5,8); France (% 5,0) (2011)
Major Imports Sources Russia (% 9,9); Germany (% 9,5); China (% 9,0); USA (% 6,7); Italy (% 5,6) (2011); Rusya (% 9,9); Almanya (% 9,5); Çin (% 9,0); ABD (% 6,7); İtalya
(% 5,6) (2011)
Trade Agreements
  • Customs Union Agreement with the EU
  • Free Trade Agreements with Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Croatia, EFTA member countries (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Serbia, Syria, Tunisia
Traffic Flow Right

Our Partner Mobility HR

Mobility HR_logo


Mobility HR is a world leader in mobility and outsourced contract management with over a decade of strong experience.


Mobility HR supports companies, contractors and recruitment agencies by providing contract management, immigration and relocation services with a local presence and knowledge for a worldwide reach.


With an established international network of experts, Mobility HR ensure personalized and optimized services with the highest level of compliancy, provide international mobility management in over 75 countries and are expanding it's operations into new markets.

In today’s economy, the increasing intensity of competition in global markets is a challenge for companies. Outsourcing payroll and HR management is a way to cut costs, reduce paperwork burden, maximize efficiency and focus on running and developing a business. Mobility HR brings together internal and external experts to offer the best services: our team of experts works as your strategic partner for your international expansion.