Sole Proprietorship Company Incorporation

Istanbul being at the top of the list, Turkey, with its location wise advantages, is increasingly becoming the go to destination for investors and locals to establish new companies. Sole proprietorship company types are often the preferred by individuals seeking to establish a company in Turkey without depositing a capital payment. WorkinTurkey offers its clients services to meet all of their sole proprietorship needs, including establishment, accounting, and payroll services among other things. Similar to other entity types, sole proprietorship's must be registered with the proper authorities and must meet the mandatory reporting requirements to remain compliant. The main differentiation of this entity type is the taxation regulations which can be assisted with our expert team of certified public accountants (CPAs).

What is a Professional Employer Organisation

As a leading accountancy provider in Istanbul with a team of sworn CPA's and lawyers, we offer various accounting services as well as guiding our clients through the necessary steps needed to be completed at places such as notaries and tax authorities. We enable our clients to not worry about anything other than their main business activities.

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