Limited Liability Company Incorporation

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) in Turkey have a very unique set of regulations that are applied by the various authorities in Turkey. These types of entities must also go through a demanding registration process that must be handled with the utmost knowledge and experience to ensure that costly delays or disastrous denials of permit requests. Knowledge and experience that we have been providing from our base in Istanbul for many years with great effect.

What is a Professional Employer Organisation

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One of the examples of the requirements that these entities face is that they must employ the services of an independent third party to audit annual reports and financial statements as per to their revenues There are many other legal requirements which are mandated by the government authorities and must be met in order to be compliant to avoid any possible administrative penalties.

Our organization provides consulting and BPO services during all the stages of an LLC's creation, running the business and even the liquidation phase in case an exit is needed.. We are a one stop provider of not only consulting and BPO, but also auditing services. Thanks to our team of expert consultants and certified public accountant (CPA's), you can trust us to handle all of your outsourcing and consulting needs in Istanbul, and Turkey as a whole.

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