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Work Permit

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Work Permit Application Processes

The Ministry of Labor has very strict and detailed procedures for foreign nationals who seek to work in Turkey. These procedures are mandated according to Law numbered 4815 of the Labor Code. Based in the city center of Istanbul, our company offers assistance in dealing with the detailed and strict procedures through consultancy, document preparation, and application services for expats in Turkey. This service is available to organizations who are relocating employees to Turkey, as well as individuals who require permits.

The key to a successful work permit application process is the proper preparation of the application file. This file contains official application forms in addition to supporting documents, and it is these supporting documents which are scrutinized and often negatively affect the outcome of the process. Thanks to our expert staff and support of our legal team, we are able to effectively resolve issues that may be faced before the application is even submitted. Thanks to our experienced team, we can assess each case individually and determine the correction of the relevant documents, provide supporting documents, control the existing once to make sure that the risk of rejection is mitigated, and by formulating accurate predictions about the outcome in order to give our clients a clear picture of what to expect.

This has resulted in a high success rate in attaining work permits in a timely manner thanks to our knowledgeable staff, and has made us the preferred choice both individuals and organizations for outsourcing this task in Turkey.

Documents needed for work permit applications in Liaison Offices / Companies

  • A copy of expats’ passport translated into Turkish and certified by a sworn translator
  • A copy of expats’ diploma translated into Turkish and certified by a sworn translator
  • 1 passport photo
  • The residence permit which is given by the Immigration Office in ‘labor purpose’. (if valid)
  • The work permit certificate and its cover letter. (if valid, in extension cases)
  • For Liaison Offices, a copy of the valid Liaison Office License (Granted by Ministry of Economy)
  • List of insured services that states all the personnel registered to the Liaison Office / Company.
  • A copy of the signatory circular of the Liaison Office / Company.
  • If the expat will be the authorized person of the Liaison Office / Company, the document which certifies the legal authority.
  • Document certifying that the Liaison Office has brought at least 200.000 USD (or the equal amount in another exchange rate) into Turkey, a copy of this document.
  • 100,000 TRY Paid Capital for the Companies.
  • Sworn CPA approved income balance sheet for the Companies.
  • For companies; up to date Certificate of Activity and Trade Registry Gazettes.
  • Proxy (PoA)